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I now offer online coaching, too.

While my main activity as an instructor is working with my individual students and groups in New York City, I’m also available to anyone who wants to improve their level of play but doesn’t have an access to the coach where they live. I could help you in either of the two ways:

a) Deep analysis of your games: you send me your games that you have played and I analyze all that happened, suggesting improvements- with variations and a lot of text. Based on your games, I will recommend material you should study for your future games- certain opening variations, best players who have employed them, particular games to look at and literature to read. This is beneficial to you to have a real commentary of a strong player as compared to just the variations suggested by an engine and their numerical evaluations- computer will not talk to you in real words about the pawn structures, piece activity, typical plans in a position, transition from a middlegame to an endgame etc, which a strong player can explain to you in plain language. For examples of my commentary, please check my articles on the brooklyn64 blog .

b) Private one-on-one instruction via skype . If you have internet access and speak English (or Polish too), you don’t need a live coach across the board from you. I will set up the study positions on my screen and will share them with you so you can see them on your screen during the lesson as we discuss them (I will email you all the study material along with homework once we have finished). 

Please contact me for details if you are interested.


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