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Adult group sessions in Brooklyn in the spring of 2020!

I have some great news- together with the Creme and Cocoa Creamery we’re going to start a new class- Adult Chess Beginner Group! If you are one out of many enthusiasts of the game who played it as a kid and took a break for a few decades; if you’re a chess parent tired of losing to your kid, or if you want to increase your online chess rating, or if you simply have always wanted to learn chess but never had a chance to do so before, you should join this class series! We’re going to meet on six Saturday mornings in March and April at the Creme and Cocoa Creamery ( they have delicious ice cream flavors all made from scratch!) at 1067 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11225 . We’ll talk about the strategies, tactics, openings and endgames, and everything else that it takes to win! Then we’ll practice all those skills…this is going to be fun- really looking forward to it! Please click here  for the details on the dates and hours.



Group classes in Brooklyn during the summer of 2019.

The schedule of group classes for children this summer is as follows:

Thursdays from 1 to 2:15, at Kiddie Science Lab in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, click here to register.

Saturdays  from 9 to 10:30 at JEI Learning Center in Bensonhurst, please call (718) 534-6990 to register.

Chess classes for kids at JEI in Bensonhurst.

Following our recent successful tournament at JEI Learning Center in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, we continue the classes on Saturday mornings for kids of ages 4 and up in the month of June and throughout the entire summer. Several kids who learned their first chess moves at JEI have grown up to become regular tournament players. New students are always welcome! The classes meet at 10 am for the advanced group and at 11 for the beginner group. To sign up for the classes, please contact the JEI Learning Center at (718)534-6990 or 18ave@jeibrooklyn.com , or stop by at 7721 18th Ave .


Great chess competition on Upper West Side!

Today was the first tournament ever at the karate studio UWS Kenshikai on Upper West Side. Chess is loved by the martial artists and many of the kids practice both, so it was a great opportunity to all of the chess kids who come to the UWS Kenshikai Dojo to do karate to compete on the 64 squares this time. We had 18 kids in two different sections, the youngest players were 5 years old! Everybody had a great time and took a nice trophy award home. More tournaments are coming soon!


Rapid rated tournaments with money prizes every Saturday starting in Brooklyn next month !


Beginning on April 18th, the New York Chess and Game shop at 192 Flatbush Ave will be hosting rapid tournaments on Saturday evenings (every week at 7, 4 rounds G/30, games will be USCF-rated). This is great news for the revival of the tournament scene in Brooklyn! Please check the event website here and make sure to bookmark the date in your calendar!

Chess tournament for kids on Upper West Side on March 29th!

chessjudo (more…)

Scholastic chess tournament at the JEI Center in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn- info and registration.




SUNDAY, 12/7/14, 10 am




*Open section

4 rounds G/30. Please bring sets and clocks.

USCF membership required for the U-900 and Open Sections (or could register at the site), not required for the unrated section. Ages 15 and under.

Trophies awarded to top best players in each section!

Entry Fee: $30 .

Address: JEI Learning Center, 7721 18th Ave, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY 11214 (close to the 79th St stop of the D train). http://jeibrooklyn.com/

Due to space restrictions registration in advance is strongly recommended. Please call the organizer, Simon Rudowski at 718.600.9313 with any questions and to register.


Please fill in the registration form below:


The entry fee is $30 , please use the PayPal button below for payment. Thank you very much for registration, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the tournament!
Buy Now Button



Click here for more pictures from our previous JEI tournament!

Scholastic chess tournament in Brooklyn this Sunday, November 23rd!

Bird River Studios in Williamsburg has been very active in the local popularization of chess- we have after-school classes twice a week and regularly organize tournaments, which attract players of all levels with their fun&friendly atmosphere and the great trophy prizes generously given out to top 10 players in each section. The next tournament is going to take place this coming Sunday, November 23rd. There will be 4 rounds and we start at 10am in 3 different sections: Beginner  (unrated, scholastic players under 14) , U-1000 (Rated,scholastic players under 14) and the Open Section (Rated,for scholastic players rated over 1000 and beginner adults). Games will be played using clocks in the rated sections with 30 minutes per player per game. Please go here for details and to register. Looking forward to seeing you at the board!

Brooklyn Blitz Open this Sunday!

After the great Brooklyn Chess Festival two weeks ago, we have another great chess event for you! This coming Sunday, Aug 24th, we are bringing a new exciting tournament to the New York chess scene- 7 rounds of blitz with time odds! The way it works is that we’re giving extra chance for lower-rated players to win by giving them more time than their higher-rated opponents will get. It is a novel idea which we hope to catch on. There are great money prizes with $400 for the winner and several class prizes given in various age groups. So, it’s this Sunday, Aug 24th at 4 at the New York Chess and Games Shop at 192 Flatbush Ave in Park Slope ( at Dean St, across the street from the Barclay’s Center). Click here for details and to register. You can’t miss it! 


Pictures from the B’ROOK’LYN CHESS FESTIVAL.

This past Saturday, Aug 9th, I was happy to help with running the wonderful free chess event – B’ROOK’LYN CHESS FESTIVAL in the Dr Roland McNair Park at Eastern Parkway organized by the New York Chess and Games in co-operation with the New York City’s Park Department. The attractions of the day for hundreds of participants included free lessons, a chance to challenge a master to a speed game ( I was one of the masters to beat- congratulations to all who made it!) and a simultaneous display by Grandmaster Giorgi Kacheishvili who faced opponents on 30 boards at the same time. It was a beautiful day and I saw a lot of people having a great day playing chess- you can see some of that fun on the pictures below. I’m looking forward to more events like this one!


The simul area is ready for the participants.







Early morning setup of the beginner section with free checkmate lectures.


Master Azeez with his board set up for everyone willing to challenge him.


Azeez and other masters (Pavel, Andrey and Simon) were challenged to games all day .


GM Giorgi Kacheishvili at the beginning of the simul. Few players ended up drawing with the strong grandmaster.


Orange juice is known to help in playing good chess.


Young participants anxious to see what the grandmaster will play in his first move.


Pavel and Andrey holding the fort in the “Play the Master’ area.


“The Skittles Pit” was very popular , players of all ages enjoyed casual games in the beautiful summer weather.


Chess instruction in progress.


Free lessons were popular all day.


More of the action from the Skittles Pit.


The man behind it all- Christian Whitted, the Director of the New York Chess& Games.