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Pictures from the B’ROOK’LYN CHESS FESTIVAL.

This past Saturday, Aug 9th, I was happy to help with running the wonderful free chess event – B’ROOK’LYN CHESS FESTIVAL in the Dr Roland McNair Park at Eastern Parkway organized by the New York Chess and Games┬áin co-operation with the New York City’s Park Department. The attractions of the day for hundreds of participants included free lessons, a chance to challenge a master to a speed game ( I was one of the masters to beat- congratulations to all who made it!) and a simultaneous display by Grandmaster Giorgi Kacheishvili who faced opponents on 30 boards at the same time. It was a beautiful day and I saw a lot of people having a great day playing chess- you can see some of that fun on the pictures below. I’m looking forward to more events like this one!


The simul area is ready for the participants.







Early morning setup of the beginner section with free checkmate lectures.


Master Azeez with his board set up for everyone willing to challenge him.


Azeez and other masters (Pavel, Andrey and Simon) were challenged to games all day .


GM Giorgi Kacheishvili at the beginning of the simul. Few players ended up drawing with the strong grandmaster.


Orange juice is known to help in playing good chess.


Young participants anxious to see what the grandmaster will play in his first move.


Pavel and Andrey holding the fort in the “Play the Master’ area.


“The Skittles Pit” was very popular , players of all ages enjoyed casual games in the beautiful summer weather.


Chess instruction in progress.


Free lessons were popular all day.


More of the action from the Skittles Pit.


The man behind it all- Christian Whitted, the Director of the New York Chess& Games.